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We originally founded Green Remedy with one goal in mind: providing medical patients with safe access to high-quality, lab-tested cannabis while operating in compliance with local and state laws. It was our desire to create a medical cannabis dispensary in the city of Richmond that allowed patients to actually enjoy the experience of selecting their cannabis after discussing the various cannabis types, strains, and their effects with our knowledgeable staff. Rather than being rushed and disregarded through a thick glass window, we provided a visible display and greatly enhanced the overall customer experience for medical patients. 


After voters in the State of California passed Prop 64, we were able to expand our clientele to include recreational folks as well. At Green Remedy, we strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible by offering superior customer service, a great selection to meet all cannabis needs, and providing a safe and welcoming environment. Our staff understands that our clientele is comprised of a variety of folks with different needs and wants in regards to their cannabis. As such, it is our goal to provide something for everyone. We maintain a vast network of distribution relationships that we have cultivated over the years and are fortunate enough to pass on our curated selection of cannabis to our clients and patients as well as some phenomenal deals and savings. As an industry that is changing rapidly, we aspire to learning everything from compliance to new strains and products, in order to provide our clients and patients with the best experience possible. 

About Green Remedy

📞: (510) 758-7898

💌: Administrator@greenremedycollective.com


📍: 2928 Hilltop Mall Road, Richmond, CA 94806

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*Curbside Pick Up*

- Recreational 21+ w/ID
- Medical 18+ w/Med Red & ID
- 10am-7:30pm // 7 Days a Week!
- No Order Minimum
- Designated Parking




*Bay Area Delivery*

- Recreational 21+ w/ID
- Medical 18+ w/Med Red & ID
- 11am-7pm // 7 Days a Week!
- $75 Minimum order
- No Delivery Fee