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Phone: (510) 758-7898
Email: Administrator@GreenRemedyCollective.com

To our Valued Customers,
Your Safety is our Priority… 


Green Remedy Customers and Patients:

In reaction to the “Shelter in Place” directive coming from
Six Bay Area counties regarding the closing of all
non-essential businesses until April 7th. We are going to
remain open for business to provide access to medical
cannabis in all of its forms. We are taking all appropriate
steps to observe proper social distancing and continue to
disinfect and sanitize all surfaces throughout the day. We
encourage all of our patrons to use the online ordering
available via Weedmaps and Leafly. We feel strongly
about being deemed an essential business, this enables
us to continue providing cannabis in all its forms to those
who need it. Our employees and customers safety and
well being are of paramount importance to us at Green
Remedy. Please stay safe and use cannabis responsibly.


The Management Team of
Green Remedy Collective


Thank you for your continuted cleanliness and loyalty!